Personal Injury, Florida, Insurance, Jury, and Costs to Litigate

July 15, 2016

Personal injury costs

In order to pursue most personal injury cases, it is important to recognize the ability to collect awarded monies from a Defendant. After all, personal injury cases are often very expensive in time, money, and resources to pursue. Indeed, a personal injury case that requires expert testimony usually exceed $40,000.00 in third party costs and about 300 hours of attorney time.

Most forms of accidents are covered by insurance carriers because the law often requires at least minimum insurance, such a PIP, and BI insurance, or premise liability insurance for property owners.

When a personal injury case is tried in front of a Jury, the Florida rules of civil procedure impede the Jury to hear whether there is insurance coverage. This is due to good ole’ fashion lobbying by the insurance carriers. The insurance company hopes that a Jury will feel sorry for a defendant or feel that a defendant is unable to pay for the damages it has caused.

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