Television Coverage of Notable Cases – Maurice Arcadier, Esq.


Attorney Maurice Arcadier has been in legal practice for over 20 years. Over his career, he has successfully represented clients in numerous high profile cases which have received media attention. Although most cases are ultimately resolved with confidential agreements and other non-disclosure mechanisms, some cases are able to be discussed, and others, are reported by third parties who the parties have no control over.

Mr. Arcadier has had numerous published works and decisions. This page, however, is dedicated to television media coverage.

The following are the youtube links to some of these notoriety videos (We also provide educational videos on some basic legal concepts):


Larry King Final Part 1

Larry King Final Part 2

Whistleblower, OSHA (FOX Business News Network) – Interview of Maurice Arcadier

Overtime Lawsuit against FPL – Maurice Arcadier


Sexual Harassment Law in the 5th DCA, Florida – Oral Argument – Maurice Arcadier




NEWS 13, EyeWitness News, Interview of Maurice Arcadier