My New Employer is asking me to sign a non-compete agreement; Aren’t these things illegal?

non-competeThe short answer is that a properly drafted non-compete agreement is enforceable under Florida Law. See Florida Statutes 542.335.

However, in order for the non-compete to be enforceable, it must be reasonable tailored to serve a legitimate business interest. This means that the employer can cause the non-compete to be enforced by a Court of competent jurisdiction through the use of an injunction or a preliminary injunction.

Additionally, if the employer prevails, the employer may be entitled to damages, including attorney fees and costs.
A non-compete agreement may be challenged on a variety of grounds including proving prior breach by the employer, a showing that the non-compete does not protect a legitimate interest of the employer, and / or the non-compete is overly broad (longer than two years) or covers a territory outside where employer conducts business. However, a Court is not permitted to evaluate whether the non-compete creates a hardship on employee.

The law concerning non competes is ever evolving and it is fact specific to the extreme. I consultation with an experienced lawyer is essential to determining your rights and the enforceability of contract based on the specifics of each situation.

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  • Attorney: Maurice Arcadier
  • Status: Answered